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Our Services

Eye Testing

Our qualified Optometrists, John and Michelle are able to provide you with a comprehensive eye examination the will included visual acuity examinations, assessing of the retina and macula, including checking for macular degeneration, checking for glaucoma and cataracts and also advise on the correct glasses for all your visual needs. We also take the time to listen to your visual needs and provide with honest advise to ensure you have the right glasses for all your visual requirements.

Prescription Sunglasses

We can advise on the right glasses for all your optical needs. We specialise in multifocal and computer glasses and can also accommodate single vision glasses for either reading or distance vision. We carry a quality frames that will ensure your lenses will be fit to the current Australian standards and can accommodate any prescription. We can dispense prescription sunglasses, either polarised or tinted with 100% UV coatings, transition lenses that will darken outdoors and clear indoor, and use quality lenses from Carl Zeiss, Nikon and Essilor. Call in and ask Jenny for advise on the right lenses for your vision.

Contact Lenses

Our Optometrist can advise on the right lenses for all your visual needs. We have access to lenses that can correct high and low levels of short sightedness or long sightedness and even complex prescriptions that have astigmatism. We are also able to correct some prescriptions that require multifocal lenses, so you are able to see near and far distances. Contact lenses are now available as daily replacements (one use lenses) for the part-time wearer to lenses that you are able to sleep in for 30 days for the more full-time wearer. Come in and ask our optometrists about the right lenses for your vision.

Free Services

Come in and ask Jenny about the latest fashion in eye wear. Jenny has over 20 years experience in optical dispensing and an extensive knowledge of multifocal and computer lenses available and can advise on the different materials that will suit your prescription and ensure you have the thinnest, lightest and cosmetically attractive lenses for your new specs. We also offer a FREE clean and adjustment of your glasses that will ensure you are always seeing clearly and looking good in your glasses.