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Menicon Soleko Platinum Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (1 x 360mL bottle)

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Menicon Soleko Platinum Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (1 x 360mL bottle)

Recommended contact lens cleaning solution and for use with Orthokeratology Lenses.

Menicon Soleko Platinum is a preservative free, single phase Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaning system for contact lenses. With the use of the lens holder and platinum neutralizing star, this solution not only disinfects, cleans and removes protein and dirt deposits but also, when used on a regular basis, guarantees complete sterilization of contact lenses. Not to be used for color contact lenses.

Product information

Solution: Preservative-free peroxide solution

Discard Life: At expiry date or 3 months after opening

Pack Sizes:
Pack: 1 x 360ml and 1 x Lens Cases

Disinfection Efficacy
Hydrogen peroxide-based deep cleaning using built in platinum neutralizing star

Menicon Soleko Platinum is recommended for the disinfection of all lens types (RGPs, silicon hydrogel, soft lenses) with the exception of colour contact lenses.

Menicon Soleko Platinum is better value alternative to AO Sept Hydrogen Peroxide System


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